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so I got to hang out with this interesting friends of mine and we had this lil convo well we always talk about virtually anything, and I thought I will bring our convos to you and you will comment your feelings about the topics... ENJOY....

OMOLARA: hey kelvin, how have you been? how have results been? *winks*..well before you start talking lemme tell you something..
**SEUN walks up to us and listens to what lara has to say**
I have thought a lot over the past days about what is wrong with this generation of mine. One of the things that struck me is the rate at which there seems to be a solution for things which are somewhat normal. We now have butt lifters, padded bras and silicon ish, fake abs simulator, enhancing pills, fake hair and there seems to be a surgery procedure for enhancing one body feature or another. A lot of girls on my Instagram look alike to me now because they all have makeup on fleek with highlights and all. Originality is lost!
Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with doing these things to feel good about yourself but not to satisfy society or to change someone’s prejudiced opinion about you. Society is so quick to judge in this generation. What if that fat girl started eating out of depression? What if the slutty girl had no decent parents to tell her how to live right?
I share this story with deep pain in my heart. I mean I have always known the world to be an ugly place to live in sometimes but these days it is like my generation is just shrewd and all.
A generation in which having sex before marriage is seen as no big deal.
A generation in which cheating is seen as an achievement.
In which going to church is just a habit, not exactly a form of service to God.
In which wearing skimpy clothes is seen as style and there’s no regard for covering nakedness.
A generation in which a man beating a woman is seen as putting her in place and not physical abuse.
In which you can’t even have a proper conversation without sexual reference being made.
I had a talk with a friend of mine some weeks ago and while we were talking, this trend of ‘leading girls on’ was brought up. He gave an example of a female friend who people thought he was dating and he wasn’t. Even the girl thought they were dating. Amused at the statement, I asked him, “Did you in any way do or say things that might have given her the impression that you’re interested?” He thought about this and honestly answered yes.
That is one of the problems with this generation. People should make their intentions clear. If you want to date a girl, tell her. If you’re not, don’t lead her on. Tell her before it goes too far. Some people don’t seem to understand the extent to which certain happenings mar personalities and trust. For a girl like that which my friend had that issue with, she might find it difficult trusting another guy after the episode hence making her emotional life complicated. They don’t even talk as well as they used to. Ask some guys why they do it? Just for fun they’d say.
I don’t exactly understand why some things happen or why people do some things but there is a lot wrong with this generation. What do you think?

SEUN: *shouts first to comment**

ME: you are such a kid

SEUN: still the first to comment.. but seriously
I see it differently, Omolara
This is actually the best time to be living. Like you have actually realised, there are plenty of solutions to the little things that often make human beings unhappy.
Don’t be too pained that premarital sex is now seen as normal. Girls wanted it that way. If the boys are doing it without being judged, why should the girls be left out of the party?
Wearing of skimpy clothes? Come on…..there was a time the only thing that covered these African bodies were leaves. Be grateful for what you have.
A man beating a woman is now a crime unlike the era you wished we haven’t moved past. The awareness of domestic violence is spreading. We will get there one day, be patient.
The issue of “leading girls on” is hilarious. Girls have been leading guys on for aeons. It’s a game some people like to play and it cuts across both genders. You need to cheer up and be grateful that this isn’t the era when youths are chained up as slaves and sent to the west to pick cotton.

OMOLARA: *rolls her eyes @ him** you are so full of sh**..

SEUN: ouch!! someone is taking it 'p'.

OMOLARA: Hmm I totally understand all your points. Indeed, I am grateful youths are not being chained up and forced into slavery.

Tunji whom we all call tee boy walks up to us..

TUNJI: woah!! dudes when last did I see these ugly faces...and snapchat doesn't count...

** we all laugh**

TUNJI: so whats the bone of contention and nobody dares ask me about my result okay...

ME: ** I give him a quick run down**

TUNJI: **gets a drink**
 Now that I have secured my drink….I can add my bit.
Omolara, thanks for bringing this up.
There are so many issues you brought up and they are all nuggets of complexities that can be broken down individually in different articles.
I will try my best to be brief and not do the articles myself.
Firstly, I will like to state that humans are evolving and becoming more aware of their environment and this will in turn make them aware of several opinions, cultures, religions, habits, beliefs, doctrines…as you can see the list is endless.
People will experiment with new ideas that appeal to them contrary to what their present society dictates or suggests.
Sex before marriage is not a big deal in some cultures (so its not necessarily a generational issue- although it is in some cases where there is a trend)
People go to church for different reasons and not necessarily to serve God as you put it and that has been there for many generations.
Having conversations with sexual reference…hmm, that’s a bit vague. Not sure what you mean by sexual reference.
Abuse has been there for ages too and is not a generational thing.
Having said this, they are still issues on their own but they are not necessarily peculiar to this generation.
Am just saying...

 OMOLARA: hmmm... You are actually right. Perhaps some of these problems are not peculiar to this generation only.
SEUN: About ladies looking alike cos of make up, come lemme give you a hug. Was wondering same. And have you noticed almost all ladies have figure 8. Lately,I heard my sis in-law say I can’t be left out. I need to go and buy hips and bum bum so this dress will fit better. Lol. Whatever makes one happy sha…. None of my biz.

OMOLARA: *hugs* Lol I can imagine. Whatever makes one happy though.

stella who has been quiet throughout the convo decides to speak up

STELLA: To me….the issues you mentioned here are somewhat trival because they are basically material issues, vanity upon vanity things. I think our generation has bigger and deeper issues, particularly in this our dear country. We are lazy, fullstop.
The rich ones have been pampered, the poor ones have never chop bellefull.
One of my young friends (about two generations younger than me) once told me, “your generation like to give excuses, make una dey there na we go rule una” and i was like, see this small pikin wey i clean hin bum ohh….
But e pain me sha.
So it goes beyond looking alike, and breast padding. We need to get serious, very few of us are waking up. We need to stop allowing those whose time have come and gone, to continue dictating for us.
Oh and no be today premarital sex start o, abortion don dey na, tey tey!! Na wetin dem been dey abort??
My 2 kobo sha.

ME: I really do agree with you. These generation has deeper and bigger issues. Lord help us. And don’t be pained by such comments. The truth is bitter lol.
SEUN:I don’t know which generation you are referring to because I’ve seen hustlers. Hustlers. Dreamers. People working so hard to make something of themselves. I’m just angry when you people say stuff anyhow. You said it yourselves. No jobs. Yet there are entrepreneurs springing up everywhere. There are people breaking barriers. Making waves. I do not agree that we are lazy.
People have been having premarital sex. In fact, the fact that it isn’t proper only became an issue in recent times. Abortions have always occurred.
I don’t know where you see the things you say are wrong.

frank whom has also been quiet from the beginning cos he was into his phone, finally decided to voice his candid opinion..

KELVIN: To those saying this generation is lazy I don’t agree.this generation is actually hardworking.imagine despite the lack of infrastructure so many are working hard to make something of for the issues raised no b today crowd mentality don dey happen so biko lets focus on more important issues.

ME: well, well all well said ... we just got to pick the positives from the current situation we see our selves in and make the best of it... like frank said even with the lack of infrastructure there are still people making and we can be among em.....






  1. Wow.... Great post but seriously i think the real prob z dah we have been made to accept dat ryt z wrong nd wrong z ryt.... And about boys leading girls on... Well i think d girls started it... And am a victim now all i also do is lead girls on too.. I believe girls turn boys into fuck boys..

  2. Wow.... Great post but seriously i think the real prob z dah we have been made to accept dat ryt z wrong nd wrong z ryt.... And about boys leading girls on... Well i think d girls started it... And am a victim now all i also do is lead girls on too.. I believe girls turn boys into fuck boys..

    1. thanks @unknown for commenting .. well i happen to believe that we are just a product of the circumstances that surround us, and we should learn to pick the positives from every situation and move on...


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