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The Different Faces of Prostitution

Firstly, there is no such thing as a ‘runs girl.’ If you’re a woman who stands by the road waiting for ‘customers’ who will pay you money in exchange for your body, then you’re a prostitute. If you’re a quasi-posh city chick with bleached skin who solicits with men over the phone, negotiating the price of sexual relations, then you’re a prostitute. If there’s any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you’re, in biblical terminology, a harlot, then ask yourself this question: do I have sexual relations with men in exchange for money? If yes, then you’re a certified slut. No doubt about that.
Now, its hard to justify the act of a lady renting out her nether orifice for financial favours, but it is also important to note that unfavourable circumstances are usually responsible for the choice. I am aware that some of these chicks live with their parents in dilapidated houses within inner cities. These nocturnal nightcrawlers emerge from their dungeons at night in trendy clothing and accessories. After work, they retreat to prepare for subsequent appointments in the near future. Whether or not the profession is an option in trying financial times is up for debate since there has to be compromise with respect to morality. Before i stray any farther, I should probably leave behind the issue of morality and focus on why i chose to write this piece. Judging by the topic, some might presume this article is probably about an exposé of girl trafficking chains across the Atlantic. Sure, it sounds like the name of an Al Jazeera documentary, but i can assure you this one’s not so heavy. Unlike my previous works on TNC, this one takes up a simpler form. Infact, I am going to abandon the term ‘prostitution’ and go for something colloquial in its place; like ‘runs.’ This is an effort to highlight the inconspicuous side of modern day ‘runs.’
I met with a not so old-time friend at a restaurant last year. She isn’t the most engaging company to have around. She kept talking about hair weave and shopping with her boyfriend. “How much do you give your girlfriend as monthly allowance?” she inquired with a meddling glare in her eyes. Playing devil’s advocate, I told her 8k a month. With a condescending hiss, she gestured her disgust. “You sha, you haven’t changed. You’re just suffering her.” To her, I was subjecting this non-existent girlfriend of mine to damning single-figure punishment. She started rattling out the benefits she enjoys in her relationship.
From commanding her boyfriend to make a quick stop at a supermarket just to get Toblerone, to going on impromptu shopping sprees, she claimed to be swimming in privilege. Whether or not she was telling the truth is none of my business, but she definitely came off as someone who could be in a relationship solely for financial reasons. She seemed to me like the kind of girl who could be the third girlfriend of a married man who works for an oil and gas multinational. As she continued to gleefully narrate her stories (she must have mentioned ‘POS’ like thirty-nine times), it suddenly became clear to me. In the guise of girlfriend-hood, chicks now use romantic relationships as a means of practicing dignified runs.
I just find it difficult to come to terms with the idea of a payment system being implemented to satisfy the girl in a relationship. But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying the guy doesn’t have a responsibility to provide financially, but why do I gotta pay you at the end of each month like you’re a ghost worker or something. If you want money, then ask for it irrespective of if it’s the end of the month or not. Don’t ring it into my ear that the month is winding to an end like a store clerk feeling entitled after putting in extra shifts. Many guys, consciously or subconsciously, regard girlfriends like this as runs girls. These girls don’t seem to know that it is considerably easy for guys to tell. These girls have to understand that their intentions aren’t as opaque as they think.
As opposed to the relationship runs girls, road side chicks/call girls have a professional mindset. There is clarity of objectives with them and borders are respected. They meet with the men for the purpose of delivering sexual favours for money; that’s it. The privileged runs girls are the ones who feel entitled to the love and affection of their ‘clients.’ They feel like the ‘girlfriend’ label elevates them above regular runs girls, so they shouldn’t be treated like what they actually are. All they want to do is milk men of their money, while they strut around town proudly proclaiming themselves ‘the main chick.’ When their boyfriends eventually dump them after use, they cry about screaming ‘all men are the same!’ If anyone should be distraught about being dumped, it should be the girl who doesn’t jump into relationships for the money or higher societal status. Relationship runs girls don’t mind coexisting with strangers under the same roof for selfish benefits.
So, guys, next time you’re driving along an expressway and you see a scantily clad lady standing by the road, just know someone like her could be seated right next to you.


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