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How I Lost It All 2

By Simisola Sowole ©
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    How I Lost it All 2
  There was a loud bang. He quickly detached himself from me. "Everyone who is outside The hostels should get inside now!!" The microphone boomed. " Night prep is over." I whispered to him.  "Shhh... We can still get in. Don't you want me?" He requested. "But its getting late." I objected. "Not too late for love ehnn He teased. He removed my skirt with a pull." Shhh.. It won't hurt. Remember Elizabeth. She didn't even cry. "He informed. I wondered how he knew this. Elizabeth was the school's hoe. She had practically dated everybody in her class."Ah! "I screamed. He quickly covered my mouth with his hand. "Do you want us to get caught ehn? "He demanded. He sounded aggressive. "Stupid girl." I heard him say under his breath. I knew he didn't mean it. He was just angry. "Its painful." I complained. "When I ask you to exercise, you never do. That's why it's painful. You are weak." He suggested.
    I closed my eyes. I wanted him to know I wasn't weak. I endured the pain mixed with pleasure. "I love you." He said repeatedly. I stayed mute. He knew I also did. It took forever till he was done. "I'm so proud of my baby." He appreciated. I couldn't move. My legs felt like they were detached. "Baby are you okay?" He requested. "Yes." I replied with my voice muffled. "Okay lets go. You go first. I'll follow." He suggested. I wore my skirt sluggishly and buttoned my shirt. "You are limping." He pointed out "Please don't get us in trouble."  He pleaded. I tried to walk normally and moved into the darkness.

     I turned around to get eye contact with him. We were in the dining hall and the seniors were in their spot eating loudly. He winked at me and I bowed my head shyly. The girls were staring. It was obvious they were jealous. Having one of the most handsome guys in S.S3 was an achievement to us. But he never admitted to his friends that we had 'something'. "Hahaha she's like a sister to me." He always said. "I'm saying this so as to protect you. If i admit we are in love, they will bully you." He explained. I agreed with him. He knew best. "But you are my boyfriend ain't you?" I inquired. With a kiss on the cheek, he silenced me

   Elizabeth walked up to him and rubbed his head. I pretended not to notice and kept on eating the watery beans and bread. The bell rung and we all scampered out of the dining hall. Some students were drinking their beans in haste. I felt a tap on my butt. It was him. I smiled shyly and he responded with a wink as he moved away. I thought of him often and sneaked to the sport's field to watch him play ball. He was my hero. "Come. Let me show you something." He said one day. I was inquisitive. We moved to the west, where students were prohibited. "If they catch us." I said in fear. "Nothing will happen. Trust me. It's safe." He explained. I trusted him. He knew best. We were moving towards the canal. He jumped over the fence without difficulty and helped me. The securities were Probably taking a nap. I had a class going on. He held my face up and peered into my eyes. "My baby." He whispered. Our lips got glued to form an action. An intense action. I felt overwhelmed as our tongues got tied. I got carried away.

   "Ouch! Bitch!!" He cursed. "I'm sorry." I apologised. "Don't you ever try that!" He commanded. He sounded fierce. I saw blood tickle down his lips. "What was your plight?" He demanded as he used his tie to wipe it off. "Nothing. It was a mistake." I apologised. "Let's go." He ordered. I could feel my heart beat. He helped me cross over the fence. We were silent as we moved towards the classrooms. "My baby." He finally said with a wink. I was relieved.

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