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               By Simisola Sowole ©
                   How I Lost It All

   It was a Friday evening. We held hands as we discussed different issues, from class affairs to entertainment to gossips etc. We didn't realize it was getting late. "Come, let me show you something." He said. As a naive young girl, I followed. Then he took me to a corner. I recognised the place. It was where we had hidden during school assembly. I straightened my skirt which was rumpled. "What do you want me to do?" He asked as the breeze blew his tie. "What do you mean?" I requested. "Control me. Place my hands wherever you want them to be. Don't be shy." He said. I bit my lips and rubbed my hand on my chest pocket which had the school's name inscribed on. "What if someone sees us?" I questioned. He moved closer and our lips locked. He explored every corner of my mouth. Our eyes were shut. It was time for evening prep but we didn't let go. He laid his hands on my upper region. I felt the vibe run through my body. It was getting intense. We didn't care about our environment anymore or if we would get caught.
    I laid on my back as his hands worked on my body. Something flashed. We froze. The security. We laid motionless till the old man moved away. "I'm scared." I confessed. "Don't be." He advised. My shirt was off and he squinted to have a full view. "You are no longer wearing trainers bra." He joked. I felt shy. "My baby is now a woman." He added. I tried to hide my smile. He was my senior in secondary school and how we clicked, I really don't know. We just fell in love almost immediately after meeting each other. I thought so. I could do anything for him, for love. His hands moved to my skirt and he unzipped it. Silence. "What are you doing?" I demanded. Not like I was stupid, I was just surprised. I didn't know it would go this far. "It won't hurt. When Elizabeth did it, it didn't." He informed. I nodded my head. He knew best. I was just 11 years old. He was way older.

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