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This topic came to me yesternight, when i started having that nostalgic feeling of not living up to the standard of my other peers, who are living the life on INSTAGRAM, in fact i have realized that going on 'INSTA'  is one of the recipes for depression.
SO i felt like sharing my final resorts about such thoughts:
People sometimes tell me “you’re too young to be this bothered about life,” or “You have all the time in the world so stop worrying about the rest of your life.” I look at them in the eyes and reply, “Hello!! Have you seen Kendall and Kylie Jenner?!” I mean! Those kids are owning it!. They make you wonder why your older sisters were so selfish with their bodies instead of using it for the good of the entire family.
Okay! Let me take a breather before I think myself into depression.
Every 20-something year old out there can relate with this I’m sure, especially those of us that know EXACTLY what we want to do and are probably working on it already but just waiting for a breakthrough. You sit and ask yourself “When is it going to be my turn? What am I not doing right? Am I even sure this is what I want to do?”
Yes, to a lot of people 20-something is still quite young to have it all together and I also realise that the pressure a lot of us feel is from within but then again you just can’t expect us to sit back and chill.
20s are hard, the second-guessing, the most difficult stage is when you’re almost or in your mid-20s, the immense pressure to be something, be someone is like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You feel like you’re too young to have it all together and at the same time, too old not to.
The stage where you sit, dream and think about ways to spend your billions – the billions that are yet to manifest.
This is the stage that every dreamer who is still building their empire looks around and sees everyone else around them living the life. The point where you avoid social gatherings or the so-called reunions like a plague because you don’t want to be on the receiving end of probing questions like “so what are you up to now?” when you yourself have no idea how to explain your predicament to these people and they’d understand.
The time when you look at the few friends who understand your hustle and actually question their own sanity.
Unfortunately, this is also the stage where, if not managed properly, a lot of young people join the wrong crowds in order to fit in, especially in this era of social media boastfuls. When you see some of your classmates on instagram living the life of kings and queens and you sit and wonder “when am I going to be able to do that”
One thing I do know is that, as bad as everything we go through in this stage is, the disappointments and everything else that comes with it, it is also the age of learning; learning about life. Friendships, perseverance, love, appreciating the little victories, career growth and most importantly personal responsibility.
This stage is what I call “The determining stage” as your rise/fall is determined by every decision you make; this is when you determine how you want to live the rest of your life, so what are you doing about it?
How are you preparing yourself for the journey ahead?
What are the following decades going to be like for you?
What stories are you going to tell your kids to motivate them when they get to the same stage?
How do you want to feel when you look back on your 20s?
THIS is the beginning of the rest of your LIFE; don’t just live it, make it count!


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