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Info reaching us at AKOKITELOUNGE from top reliable members of the management, Is that ULSU will be back provided the present executives of the Union will do the following:
1) Apologize to the Vice chancellor of the University Of Lagos.
2) Apologize to the Student affairs and the whole senate for their 'unruly behavior and for the mobilization of students in breaking down of school peace'.
3) And also be remorseful and be of good behaviours when dealing with the school management.
It was also gathered from our source that most of the executives and the legislative arms of the STUDENT UNION are already making plans to see the management, regarding the possibility of bringing back ULSU to the fore front of managing students affairs.
Although our source also said irrespective of the fact that the issues at hand are being resolved, there will still be a panel to investigate the following issues:
1) The fight that happened at OZONE which involved top ULSU executives, students and members of the public.
2) The purported amount of money ULSU executives tried to extort from the Lagos state government as funding for a scholarship programme that never materialized as the money was intercepted by the school management.
3) Also their involvements in the issues of conflict between the cab drivers association of the university of Lagos.
The source stated categorically that the school management and top officials are actually ready to sweep those issues under the carpet even if the panel finds them guilty, as long as the STUDENT UNION show signs of remorse, but if not our source also said that one(1) or two(2) executives might lose their studentship if they (ULSU EXECUTIVES) allow the school go ahead with setting up the panel without apologising.
On the indemnity form issue we were reassured by our source that its not a strategy the school developed to witch hunt students or stop them from exercising their 'BASIC STUDENTS RIGHTS' and the hostel issues are only temporary   and will be sorted out as more hostels are being built for undergraduates e.g EL KANEMI.
We also asked our source on the possibility of the UNION executives returning anytime soon, he replied saying 'the chances, of the present UNION EXECUTIVES to resume power is very slim, but like they say nothing is impossible, if they (UNION EXECUTIVES) choose to be remorseful and exhibit good characters they just might be back, as its also obvious that no UNILAG undergraduate student is ready to take up the responsibilities of these UNIONISTS'.
HE also stated some other conditions for the reinstatement of ULSU which included:
  • Alot of ammendments of the UNION'S constitution.
  • Bringing in the judiciary.
we at AKOKITELOUNGE  just urge every AKOKITE to stay calm because the ULSU of our dreams is at bay.
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