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@DrJoeOdumakin I'm in support of #RestoreULSU. UNILAG Mgt shd rethink the arbitrary orders. Collective peace is lasting than graveyard peace. #RestoreULSU My own view is quite simple. This is what delayed our independence. Imagine today is 1953. Kola is Anthony Enahoro, he moved the motion for independence and due to the fact that the Hausas at that point were not ready to lose the enjoyment they were getting from the British, malam Ibrahim imam stood up like Folarin to say we were not ready. So our independence got delayed due to the fact that some set of people we not ready to fight the war with us. History is having the knowledge of the past to have a better understanding of the present. We can easily predict what will happen. In 1960, when Nigeria finally gained independence bcos of the nationalistic and patriotic fight of some dogged personalities, did the Northerners ever raised their voice to say we don't want? No is the answer, the simple reason is this; the human nature loves to eat from the work of others no matter how small it is. Today, we are just talking on whatapp, a social media platform and tomorrow when we are finally given an LLB or BSC with a first class honours on it we will be so happy. But the simple question is this; is our education for degree or to broaden the mind and make you know the next line of action to help u and ur nation. But to me our education as actually structured our brain to "what to think" rather than "how to think ". It is abnormally painful to hear when pple say that we shud just sign and collect certificate. Funny? But what anyone is remembered for is his track at any point. And I'm going to say this: "as an engineering professor, you are not saved from the pain of electrocution", your children will pick UNILAG and what you said in the past shall haunt you. Nobody survives a war with their gun on safety. Peace! Ibankhan refuses dictatorship in a democratic setting except the VC will start wearing Khaki.
 Now that a lecturer is with us... Does it change your mindset?


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