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GREATEST AKOKITES! Sequel to the submission of the position paper to the investigative panel on Friday, and in light of the numerous false messages that have gone viral over the past few days, it is imperative that we make you understand the situation of things; * The senate which was to deliberate on the position paper submitted to it by the ULSU leadership through the investigative panel has not met hence, the delay in feedback. However, the senate is set to seat today wednesday 20th April, 2016 and as soon as we get a response, we shall keep you posted. * it is also important to reiterate that in as much as some people will try to cause confusion with their false messages, please guard yourselves against such confusion by disregarding any such messages that do not emanate from the Union's proper channel(s) of information dissemination. * MORE IMPORTANTLY, in as much as we are not happy to be at home, it is advisable that we make optimum use of our time. Read on! Study hard!! Come back refreshed!!! Good morning.


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