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UNILAG : disaster upon disaster.

well after what happened on our beloved Friday .... 7 days later unilag had to recount its woes as heavy rainstorms destroyed most of its land marks and uprooted some trees....
our dear madam always reading infront of the library during the day and night, come rain come sunshine she always there since unilag didn't allow her to graduate.. well now she is gone.... 1 minute silence for her..

although she aint the only 1 to have suffered from the rainstorms also our dear ever flashing LED billboard @ masscomm.... well no need to explain what happened see the horrifying sight by your self

all these got me thinking tho... where did it all go wrong?.... maybe the gods are angry wif #Unilag... wah could be the possible way out cos I can think of non ryt now.... 
USE the comment section below to discuss possible solutions to the pitiable bismal dismal conditions that have befallen our beloved school.
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