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Has ULSU really been suspended going by the circumstantial situations that crowded their suspension is it true to say that ULSU has been suspended?
HERE is What ULSU has to say:
Greatest Akokites! 
Contrary to what our school management has made many people believe that the University of Lagos Students' Union (ULSU) has been suspended, we are hereby telling you that ULSU has NOT been suspended; we are still intact and we are still in the struggle. We have all seen the management's post on the school website about the 'suspension', but till this moment (Wednesday 27th April), we have not received any official document to effect the suspension; instead of them to give us an official letter, they have only locked up our offices.
On this note, we are stating categorically that ULSU is still ULSU, no ULSU executive or Principal Officer was elected via the school website and we can never accept a suspension via that means. In the first place, the purported suspension is very illegal because they have no right to do that; it is against our fundamental rights as students of this institution. The reason they gave for the purported suspension is to review the constitution of ULSU; that is also illegal because they have no right whatsoever to do that for us. Article 10 of our constitution has already stated how the constitution should be amended or reviewed.
 ULSU is not a cube of sugar that can be dissolved anyhow; unless the students that elected us (as the executives) withdraw their mandate, ULSU remain in force! On the 're-absorption oath' and Indemnity form, we maintain our position that we all should not sign for so many reasons that have been made available to us. Student leaders have also pledged not to sign any of them, let us not be fearful. If all of us decide not to sign those forms, we all will write our examinations and there is nothing the management can do; they will have no choice but to rescind the decisions, let us not succumb to their tactics. We understand that there are some of us that are under pressure (from parents) to sign the forms, please let us make those that are giving us pressure to understand why we should not sign. We understand the reasons, let us convince them.
 For those who must sign the forms, please do a COURT SWORN AFFIDAVIT to state that you have not signed the forms in your own free will, that you filled the oath form and signed under duress because the school management said you will not write your examinations if you do not sign them. We must let you know that to back up all what we have stated above, we are taking a Legal Action against the management's decision.
 We are asking the court to mandate the school to re-open without conditions and to stop the purported suspension of our Union. Let us not forget the things that led to this struggle; our welfare. On the University of Lagos campus, our management wants us to just exist but not live, we will not accept that! At this point, we urge you to stay with ULSU because we really need you to win this struggle. We are at an advantaged position in all these if we stick together. We are not giving up! We will not give up! Aluta Continues! Victory is Certain!
Now what are your takes on this?


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