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We wish to sympathize with everyone on the recent homicide on our Human rights. The school has decided to kill the students' voice. They have suspended the Union. We sympathize. There are certain issues that however need to be addressed. But first, we acknowledge that we all want to resume. We promised that we'll bring everyone back to school. And that's what we did but not on terms and conditions...definitely not an Indemnity form! As the management did not communicate with the UNION at all to deliberate or discuss the students' welfare. We would NEVER agree to such. But was anyone expelled? Were you suspended? Was there any notice to the effect that the closure of the school meant suspension of all students; or would "suspension of all academic activities" be tantamount to "suspension of all students"? Obviously you'll agree that the answers to these questions are in the negative. Capital NO!!! So why should we sign a form to be readmitted? Don't you smell a rat? Don't you feel there might be more to the situation than we see? Why is the Union suspended? For staging a peaceful protest? Why has the school been spreading false accusations against the Union before now? Why did they subvert a truce process to a panel? Doesn't it send a signal of impending doom? We believe as rational human beings, you understand beyond the surface! So we beseech the generality of the student populace to watch before they leap. Signing the form will be detrimental to your sublime existence on campus as a student. Your voice would be lost forever! Porters! Security officials! Promiscuous lecturers! Cab men!!! Shuttle drivers!!! All such uncircumcised Philistines will now have an avenue to trample on your rights as they so wish. And you won't be able to do nothing. Remember you've undertaken to abide by the rules and regulations, no matter how inhumane they might be!!! ¤ Water issue = Unresolved ¤ Electricity = Unresolved ¤ Hike in commodity prices = Unresolved ¤ Prerequisite courses = Unresolved ¤ More ambulances = Unresolved ¤ Sodeinde hall = Unresolved ¤ All reasons for our peaceful protest = None is yet to be resolved. The voice of reasoning should overshadow our fear, else we'll live to witness its ripple effects on our wards!! The Union though suspended is working out something. Please keep calm until and stay vigilant. Further correspondence would be made to you. Let's be wise. Aluta continua!!! Victoria Ascerta!!!


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