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NANS REJECT MOVES TO SUBJUGATE UNILAG STUDENTS “The future would have no pity for those men who, possesses the exceptional privilege, of being able to speak the words of truth to their oppressors, haven taken refuge in an attitude of passivity, or mute indifference and sometimes in cold complicity”. (frantz Fanon) It is most unfortunate that rather than finding progressive prescriptions for demands of the agitating students, poor welfare and hike in price of commodities, the school management is scratching the issue on the head by portraying the students as custodians of exuberance and scapegoat of indiscipline, putting in place mechanisms to subdue and incapacitate the students from exercising their constitutional rights, not minding the root cause of indiscipline to be injustice and inequality. The suspension of University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU) until further notice came to us in rude shock despite the submission of our position and recommendations to the investigative panel. We contend the suspension or banning of students union has never been and will never be the solution to proactive/vibrant unionism. We advice the management give up on effecting the suspension and other unrevealed plans to further victimize or intimidate the union officer to have opened up their poor academic, administrative and domestic welfare. Compelling students to sign undertaking and indemnity form is laughable; students taking re-absorption oaths requires clarification. The taming tactics imbibe by the management reveals the underbelly as calculatedly designed to paralyze effective’s student agitations, clampdown student from their liberty and a capital disrespect of the young adulthood. We are to face this much, handcuff ourselves before law as we are expected to keep mute on the rots and maladies of our grate Akokite. NANS DEMAND Gone are the days of “bread and butter” unionism, the current century cannot afford to breed a generation of youths who are merely academic geniuses but who are politically robots and ideological nonentities. We demand the total reverse in suspension/dissolution of University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU). We reject outrightly the signing of undertaking/ indemnity form and taking of re-absorption oath by any students. We request a proper address of the students demands We call for a resolution meeting with the management It is in the interest of peace and progress; we like to plead to UNILAG management to desist from scratching their nose with the fangs of a viper. Experience shows that fire burns! A goat does not bite except when push to the wall. Nigeria students shall not hesitate to mobilize to continually shut down activities of the institution until our demands are met. We however give a grace of 72hrs ultimatum for our demands to be granted (which elapse on Thursday 28th of April 2016) before we embark on our operation #SHUTDOWNUNILAG. Signed Comrade Sanusi Sulaimon Chairman NANS/JCC Lagos axis



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